Paper: yellowed cuttings, torn fragments, gray and dull, bent, worn-out remains of pages. Once served as book covers, end papers, notebooks and pads, now brittled by the sun and time, have faded and became useless.

In their mass, in the layers of fibers, they sometimes disclose a trace of a letter, printed or handwritten, calligraphy, now and again a note or maybe a detail from a library stamp. When stacked abstractly, they speak in a different manner revealing the beauty of the texture, the gradient of the dye, and the purity of the form.

I put them in the spotlight. Devoid of their original utility, so they become what they truly are. Plain paper. I am not interested in the anecdote of figurativeness. I shall abandon it in favor of geometry, which highlights the charm of the clippings. In photographic magnification they become not only a visual pleasure, but also a haptic one.

Oversized photographs of miniature compositions create a three-dimensional illusion. Step between torn bits of paper and feel their roughness under one’s fingers – the analogue projection continues.

PAPER #1—5